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Locally Owned and Operated 

Tunnell Construction is a locally owned and operated business comprised of good folks that are living and invested in our communities. We pride ourselves on maintaining the best reputation around and can provide 100s of local references to back us up on that. Our first priority is to make this a smooth, easy experience for our clients, as we know that dealing with insurance claims can often be overwhelming. With extensive experience in dealing with all major insurance agencies and mortgage companies, we can walk you through the insurance claim process from start to finish.

When you hire Tunnell Construction, you can rest assured that your job will be completed in a timely fashion and as promised. We carry a $1 million general liability policy on every job to protect the assets of our clients. Additionally, we are licensed and bonded.

We always offer free estimates, and we will work with you on the financial aspect of your job even offering no money down. We even offer financing on all your home improvement and roofing needs! There’s no job too big or too small for Tunnell Construction, so give us a call! Let’s get started


Meet the Team

Tunnell Family
Curt tunnell

Curt Tunnell was born and raised in Central Texas and his family still has deep roots in Blanket where the headquarters of Tunnell Construction is housed.  After a quick jaunt up the corporate ladder of Wal Mart, Curt decided to take things back to his roots and open a construction company in his hometown.

He’ll be the first to tell you he wasn’t well versed in the world of construction but he’ll also be the first to tell you that opening this company wasn’t just about fixing homes and installing roofs – he had a bigger purpose in mind, a kinder one.  Curt and Jamie have been heavily involved in foster care agencies since early in their marriage.  As a young couple at age 22 with two children of their own, they welcomed 5 (yes, I said FIVE) foster children into their home.  This kindness and compassion is in Curt’s nature and most will say it comes from his mother whom he lost at the young age of 21.  Tunnell Construction was opened as a way to fund and pour into the lives of the Foster Agency he opened with Brent and Kenneth Hagood, Caring Hearts for Children.

While life has evolved and Tunnell Construction has grown, one thing has remained the same – the heart behind the business.  Curt and the Tunnell crew are in the business of rebuilding homes and in the heart of rebuilding lives.  They know each nail that’s driven and each bid that’s sent out has greater purpose.

Personally, Curt enjoys traveling with his wife, Jamie, and sons, Brayson and Hayden, and his daughter’s Stella Grace and Savannah Faith. They love spending tons of time outside hunting, fishing, participating in sports, and enjoying God’s creation.

Brian Brando

Brian Brando became a Tunnell Construction Team Member in 2006. Originally from California, Brian has lived in the Brownwood, Texas area for almost 25 years. He is a former foster parent and youth pastor. He is married to Kimberly Brando. He has one daughter, Kaitlyn, two step-sons, Michael and Shane, and two step-daughters, Rushell and Renee’. Brian is a proud family man, father, and grandfather. Brian has owned and operated his own Construction business for many years. He is also a Certified Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician. His expertise in various fields of Construction enables him, and the highly-qualified Team Members at Tunnell Construction to offer top-quality Construction, Roofing, Building, and Remodeling services in the Brownwood and surrounding areas. Brian and the Tunnell Construction Team Members value honesty and integrity relationships with their Customers. Brian is detail-oriented, and committed to making customer satisfaction the number one priority on each construction project. Brian, and the Tunnell Construction Team Members believe the job is never finished until the customer is 100% satisfied.

Delbert Tunnell

Delbert Tunnell is a Project Manager and is responsible for up keep of vehicles, tools and trailers. He also manages deliveries and supplies to job sites on top of monitoring quality of work.

Delbert Tunnell was born and raised in Blanket Texas and he currently lives on the original family homestead. In fact the Tunnell roots lead back to the founding families of Blanket. Delbert graduated Blanket High School in 1969. After High School Delbert attended Howard Payne University in Brownwood Texas for two years. Delbert then married and started a family that has had an outcome of three children (Curt, Clint and Laura) and 8 grandchildren. Delbert joined the work force and has since retired after 40years from Superior Essex. After retirement Delbert wasn’t quite ready to hang up his boots so he joined Tunnell Construction family.

Delbert has a keen eye for detail and is known for his ingenuity in making tools and parts for various projects. Delbert enjoys traveling with his wife Brenda, visiting with his grandchildren, gardening and craftsman building.

Hayden and Brayson Tunnell

Hayden and Brayson Tunnell are both Curt and Jamie’s sons. They have both been involved in the business since we started.

Hayden and Brayson are both currently working on getting their real estate license and will take over the buying and selling of houses for Tunnell Construction as time passes.  Also, both Hayden and Brayson are currently building spec homes for Tunnell Construction they will end up listing and selling in the near future. They are currently involved everyday on job sites and taking on leadership roles with sub contractors to ensure all jobs stay on track.

They are dedicated to customer service and have a willingness and a fire to keep Tunnell Construction the best construction company in Central Texas.

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