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Looking for your next modern farmhouse, hangar home, rustic industrial engineered steel building? Let the Award-winning Barndominium Experts at Tunnell Construction help you get the job done right! As one of the Best Barndominium Builders in Texas, you can trust in us.

What is a Barndominium?

Never heard the word “barndominium?” Don’t worry, not many people had until this mashup of the two words “barn” and “condominium” gained popularity over the past few years in Texas. Simply put, a barndominium is a metal barn that has been renovated to accommodate modern living. These included amenities range from indoor plumbing, insulation, 9-foot-high ceilings, energy-efficient windows and much more. Barndominiums are an incredibly versatile style of building that can be used as homes, meeting spaces, community centers, shops, and more. An open floor plan is a common feature of barndominiums, and many also contain rustic features such as sliding barn doors or wooden accents. Barndominiums provide an innovative alternative to traditional homes that can be more customizable, cost-effective, and time-efficient


What Are the Benefits of a Barndominium?

The cost-effectiveness of barndominiums is one of the main reasons for their growing popularity. With lower construction costs compared to traditional homes, these costs can vary depending on added features, square-footage, and materials used. Overall it is significantly less than the construction costs associated with building a traditional home. Although the metal used to build these barndominiums is strong and sturdy, it is also very light, contributing to lower material transportation costs and a less labor-intensive assembly process. These barn structures are also faster to build than traditional homes for some of the very same reasons.

In terms of durability, being built of metal rather than wood like traditional homes makes barndominiums superior at withstanding the elements. The ability to resist weather is an important feature of any home, but it is even more so in the harsh weather of Texas. Metal, unlike wood, also does not catch fire or attract pests such as termites. A metal structure will not run the risk of decaying or rotting over time due to moisture in the way wood does. Overall, the metal makeup of barndominiums allows for better durability, easier maintenance, and longer lifespan of the building.

No matter your architectural vision, our barndominiums are the perfect choice for a fully customizable structure that won’t break the bank.


What Makes You Superior to Other Barndominium Builders?

Excellent question! We pride ourselves on being invested members of our communities! Our children go to school here, we bank here, we always maintain the highest level of integrity and work ethic because, well, that’s just who we are. You can count on your barndominium project to be done right and on time. You can count on completely being satisfied because anything less is unacceptable to Tunnell Construction. Because we have the crew that handles every aspect of your barndominium project, we do not hire out subcontractors. What does that mean for you? It means you can count on our values to be upheld throughout the entire project. It means that no one works on your job that isn’t completely and wholly trust by Tunnell Construction.

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