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Questions & Answers

$1 Million Dollar Liablity on All Jobs

Prices vary on the build, however an average breakdown of costs per square foot: 

■ $185/ Sq. ft. for living area 
■ $55/ Sq. Ft. for shop area
■ $45/Sq. Ft. for porches 

• Since prices do vary on builds, our team will be able to give a turnkey price to build, if you have a set of plans, contact us at 833-886-6355 or here for more information.

We currently are building in Brownwood, TX and 50 miles out. Our most popular areas in Texas are: 

■ Brady 
■ Brownwood 
■ Rising Star
■ Lake Proctor 
■ Ponatoc 
■ Cherokee

It is best to hire a draftsman to help you draft a set of plans first. From here, our team will be able to meet with you to go through all the details including a turnkey price to build. 

You will still own the set of plans rather you chose our team or not. 

If you are looking for a draftsman to draft plans, many of our clients have contacted Bob Stearns at 325-642-3193.

Most banks will finance your custom barndominium. Previous clients of ours have financed through Brady National Bank. We recommend speaking with Reed Williams at 325-597-2104.

We currently have 2 offices: 

■ 609 Main St. Brownwood, TX
■ 206 S. Blackburn St. Brady, TX

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